A20 design

Site locations

The A2O will incorporate 100 sites across seven major ecoregions. Each site will be linked to four acoustic recorders, with two acoustic recorders established in relatively wet habitat (wetland, river, creek, drainage line, spring, depression etc.) and two in relatively dry habitat. The range of wet and dry locations will vary from site to site based on local conditions. This arrangement will provide a total of 400 acoustic recorders across the network.



Acoustic recorders are built to specification by Frontier Labs in Brisbane, Australia. Each acoustic recorder will store data on high-capacity SD cards, which will be manually collected and replaced at least once a year.

Acoustic recorders are powered by solar panels linked to batteries and charge controllers, with all equipment easily mounted on a standard 1.8 m star picket. This design ensures each acoustic recorder and additional hardware is simple to install and has minimal space requirements.