Cravens Peak (8)

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Site name: Cravens Peak
Site number: 8
Point numbers: 29 (Cravens Peak Dry A), 30 (Cravens Peak Wet A), 31 (Cravens Peak Dry B), 32 (Cravens Peak Wet B)
Ecoregion: Deserts and xeric shrublands
Participant and site owner: Bush Heritage Australia
Site location: Far Western Queensland
Latitude: -23.205
Longitude: 138.416
Site description: Cravens Peak protects gibber plains, red sandy dune fields, semi-permanent waterholes, Coolabah woodlands, and one of the richest reptile assemblages on earth. Craven Peak supports a range of animal and plant species including the Grey Falcon, Painted Finch, Spinifex Pigeon, Ridge-tailed Monitor, Pituri, Mulga, and Red-bud Mallee