Cumberland Plain (53)

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Site name: Cumberland Plain
Site number: 53
Point numbers: 209 (Cumberland Dry A), 210 (Cumberland Wet A), 211 (Cumberland Dry B), 212 (Cumberland Wet B)
Ecoregion: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Participant and site owner: University of Western Sydney, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network
Site location: University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury campus, Richmond, New South Wales
Latitude: -33.700
Longitude: 150.700
Site description: The Cumberland Plain TERN SuperSite is located in remnant Eucalyptus woodland in the Cumberland Plain, at the University of Western Sydney’s Hawkesbury campus in Richmond, New South Wales. Associated research extends into the Blue Mountains ecoregion. These sclerophyll woodlands occur on nutrient-poor alluvium deposited by the Nepean River from sandstone and shale bedrock in the Blue Mountains. Despite this they support high regional biodiversity and endemic biota.

Cumberland Plain woodland is a critically endangered ecological community found only in the Sydney Basin Bioregion. It faces major pressures including invasive weeds, altered fire regimes, Western Sydney’s urban development, conversion to agriculture, and extreme climate events.