Eungella (28)

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Site name: Eungella
Site number: 28
Point numbers: 109 (Eungella Wet A), 110 (Eungella Dry A), 111 (Eungella Wet B), 112 (Eungella Dry B)
Participant and site owner: Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Site location: North Queensland
Latitude: -21.168
Longitude: 148.505
Site description: Eungella National Park protects many unusual plants and animals, including the Eungella Dayfrog, Mackay Tulip Oak, Eungella Spiny Crayfish, and the Eungella honeyeater. This isolated mountain refuge lies close to the boundary between subtropical and tropical rainforests and supports species from both vegetation types. Much of the park is remote and inaccessible, and is dissected by gorges. Rainforest dominates the area, but open eucalypt woodland grows on Dick’s Tableland in the rugged north-western part of the park. Flowering Bottlebrushes and tall River She-oaks line the meandering Broken River which is home to the secretive platypus.