Kangaroo Island (103)

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Site name: Kangaroo Island
Site number: 103
Point numbers: 409 (Kangaroo Island Dry A), 410 (Kangaroo Island Wet A), 411 (Kangaroo Island Dry B), 412 (Kangaroo Island Wet B)
Ecoregion: Mediterranean forests, woodlands and scrubs
Participant and site owner: South Australian Government, Department for Environment and Water
Site location: Coastal South Australia
Latitude: -35.990
Longitude: 137.466
Site description: Kangaroo Island is a large island off the coast of South Australia dominated by woodland. Approximately half of the Kangaroo Island has never been cleared and a quarter of it is conserved. The island is home to an endangered subspecies of the glossy black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami halmaturinus).