Katarapko (68)

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Site name: Katarapko
Site number: 68
Point numbers: 269 (Katarapko Dry A), 270 (Katarapko Wet A), 271 (Katarapko Dry B), 272 (Katarapko Wet B)
Ecoregion: Mediterranean forests, woodlands and scrubs
Participant and site owner: Department of Environment and Water, South Australia
Site location: Berri, South Australia
Latitude: -34.37
Longitude: 140.54
Site description: The Katarapko site is associated with the Murray River National Park, and is a priority floodplain in South Australia. Katarapko is comprised of floodplains, permanent and ephemeral creeks and wetlands, saline basins, dunes, and aquatic and terrestrial habitats, protecting Red Gum, Black Box, Lignum, River Cooba, and Chenopod and Samphire shrublands.