Minjerribah (86)

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Site name: Minjerribah
Site number: 86
Point numbers: 341 (Minjerribah Dry A), 342 (Minjerribah Wet A), 343 (Minjerribah Dry B), 344 (Minjerribah Wet B)
Ecoregion: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Participant and site owner: Quandamooka people (Traditional Owners)
Site location: Coastal Queensland
Latitude: -27.554
Longitude: 153.452
Site description: Minjerribah is a large sand island of approximately 38 km long and 11 km wide off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland. The Quandamooka people of Minjerribah have a strong and persisting connection to the island over many thousands of years. The island has over 100 freshwater lakes and wetlands and is home to rare, vulnerable, endangered and near threatened animals and important vegetation communities.