Monjebup Reserve/SWWA Floristic Region (91)

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Site name: Monjebup Reserve/SWWA Floristic Region
Site number: 91
Point numbers: 361 (Monjebup Dry A), 362 (Monjebup Wet A), 363 (Monjebup Dry B), 364 (Monjebup Wet B)
Ecoregion: Mediterranean forests, woodlands and scrubs
Participant and site owner: Bush Heritage Australia
Site location: Southern Western Australia
Latitude: -34.208
Longitude: 118.633
Site description: Monjebup is composed of three reserves that protect Mallee heath in southern Western Australia. The reserves also contribute to the Gondwana Link project which will restore 1000km of bushland from Western Australia’s southwest to the edge of the Nullarbor Plain. Monjebup provides habitat for the vulnerable Malleefowl and Western Whipbird, Carnaby’s Cockatoo and the Tammar Wallaby.