Newhaven (73)

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Site name: Newhaven
Site number: 73
Point numbers: 289 (Newhaven Wet A), 290 (Newhaven Wet B), 291 (Newhaven Dry B), 292 (Newhaven Dry A)
Ecoregion: Deserts and xeric shrublands
Participant and site owner: Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Birdlife Australia
Site location: Central Australia
Latitude: -22.733
Longitude: 131.152
Site description: Newhaven is a conservation reserve of approximately 261500 hectares in the Northern Territory. The reserve is jointly managed by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Birdlife Australia, and protects large expanses of mulga woodlands and spinifex sandplains. Newhaven are the traditional lands of the Ngalia-Warlpiri/Luritja people.