Scottsdale (14)

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Site name: Scottsdale
Site number: 14
Point numbers: 53 (Scottsdale Dry A), 54 (Scottsdale Wet A), 55 (Scottsdale Dry B), 56 (Scottsdale Wet B)
Ecoregion: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Participant and site owner: Bush Heritage Australia
Site location: Southern New South Wales
Latitude: -35.900
Longitude: 149.130
Site description: Scottsdale Reserve protects endangered grassy Box Gum woodlands and temperate grasslands, with the Murrumbidgee River wrapped around its northern and western flanks. The reserve is also an important part of Kosciuszko 2 Coast – a partnership creating connections between Kosciuszko and Namadgi National Parks across to the escarpment forests on NSW’s far south coast. Scottsdale is an important site for threatened woodland bird communities.